Saturday, December 3, 2011

it takes a little while to get the momentum solidly in place. and finally i've found it....although i need to get back to the quilts soon. but the last few days in the paper room making these collage corkboards have been wonderful. i had a bit of trouble adjusting the composition to such a large size. these are poster size corkboards, and i had a hard time finding the right proportion. but i got there. and my other problem was pulling myself back....remembering that these aren't fine art collage on panel, but more simple and less intricate pieces of functional art.
tonight we're going to meagan's to watch 'home alone' to get the christmas spirit in full swing....but i think i'll sneak out and head next door to the studio for a while if it's not too rude. i'm working on a fifth and i want to finish it tonight. i really don't want to stop.


  1. Love your collages, especially the one with the Duke and Duchesss of Urbino.

  2. Ah ha--the mysterious paper room emerges! The collages are very cool--and I love that they are functional too. You are so talented!

  3. So beautiful... Loving these Annette!

    And home alone... It's my favorite Christmas movie.
    Sam watches it just before bed many nights...
    It's one of our things xo
    Can't wait to see your latest creations in person!

  4. you are so creative Annette! love them!
    good luck on your sale today : )

  5. as always, you all make such lovely and supportive comments. thank you.
    rosemary....thanks...i love using paintings. i cut up alot of art books.
    jen, there will be 'room' pics soon
    tracy....i didn't go back tot he studio. i got hooked. i love that movie too.
    demie...thank you. our sale is next week. i hope no one shows up today..the place is turned upside down. hahaha

  6. Wonderful collages! I love to see the things you put together. You are amazing and I can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. O - I am amazed. I have never seen such collages! Wonderful! You really are a creative person! I like the last collage very much and wonder what the fifth will look like! Go on, Annette!!!

  8. these are amazing. I love collages. one of my favourite type of artwork. can't wait to see more!