Sunday, December 4, 2011

yesterday morning, while i was in the bath, 2 low vees of geese flew past the window, just above the dark leafless trees that spread across the window pane. i could hear them but only saw a glimpse of them. the trouble was that the bedroom air conditioner was still in the window, blocking half of my view. the little window is paned with old bubbled glass and sits over the kitchen roof. i love that window. i used to climb out of it and sit on the roof to read. i must be getting old. i don't do that anymore.....oh right, the damn air conditioner is blocking me. so, my impetuous self took over. i climbed out of the tub, wrapped up in a towel, and hauled the damn thing out of the window. but it was also heavier than i remember. alot heavier. and i was in a towel. tom came home last night to find it dropped in the bedroom doorway. but my window was clear and i had the loveliest bath this morning. the sky. the trees. the flags from the harbor. the gorgeous stone walls of the prison. and at night the moon fills the window for a while as well.
and since i'm in the paper zone and i've been showing you the corkboards i've been making, i thought i'd give you a peek at a couple of my collage pieces. above is 'napoleon unpeeled' and below is 'the dance'. both were done this summer.
i need to sew tomorrow. make some stockings and more christmas napkins. but i will be in mourning for the paper, i'm sure of it. but i must prepare for our studio sale. the grand gala of christmas sales is happening a week from today on sunday december 11th from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. if you are local, be sure to swing by. i'll keep reminding you!


  1. how gorgeous to take a bath with a view...
    lots of luck on your sale happening : )

  2. Napoleon is great!!! I wish I could come to your sale...

  3. Beautiful work Annette,i like the colours you used and the background giving it depht, xx

  4. My back hurts just thinking about lifting that air conditioner!

    Interesting artwork today -- thoughtful! :)

  5. I can't believe you lifted the air conditioner out of the window by yourself! You must be strong and to do it in your bath towel even! HA

    I really like your image of Napoleon and love the image of "the dance". Very inspiring.