Tuesday, June 19, 2012

another one of our adventures on father's day was a stop at a little studio we have driven past for years. paintings and cards in a lovely 150 year old white studio overlooking the lake. surrounded by cedar trees and my kind of beauty. a perfect way to share a day with my wonderful parents.


  1. Good for you for stopping! I drive past places like that on my way to the Catskills and never stop. I've told myself that once I close the store I will. I hope I remember.

  2. I love places like that! When we were driving to Houston to see our daughter we traveled through all many little towns and I always wanted to stop and have a "look see" in the shops and antique stores along the way. We stopped once at this antique store and I purchased an outside wrought iron shutter. I cleaned it up and hung it in my kitchen. It was nice and chippy!

    I received the French seed magnet yesterday and I love it and have it hanging on my fridge. Thanks so much for your kindness. The notecard you sent with it is also lovely and I have it with others that I've received. :)

    1. i'm so glad you liked it kris......i loved picking one i hoped you would like. it's wonderful hearing from you here on my blog!!