Saturday, June 30, 2012

friday evening in late june. aimlessly lounging on the porch swing. it had been a hot day and the end of the week. we picked up pizza and a movie. but it was too beautiful outside to sit in the cool dark house. we curled up on the swing with edgar on his bed beside us and cats sprawled in the shade or skulking through the grass or pouncing on our chests. we watched the clouds forming pictures in the patch of blue between the trees. and listened to ryan adams. a couple of hours to breath and relax completely. i took 279 photos. on the swing surrounded with dreamy beauty.


  1. Replies
    1. yeah, i always try to get a better angle or different light.....

  2. What a perfect evening and I love your images


  3. oh, love the cat. what's its name? it's not crabby!

    happy sunday xx

  4. me again... I got 'the brothers sisters' today and been reading it for the past couple of hours. brilliant! if you have any more recommendations - keep them coming xx

    1. oh good, i'm glad you're liking it....i'll try to think of a little list for you.
      and the cat....that's floyd. he's a beauty, and really demanding of love and attention.