Friday, June 29, 2012

it was a day of beautiful happy magical energy yesterday. the studio was open. i sewed on the porch all afternoon. my parents puttered around helping in the studio. my mother made bouquets of baby apples from the apple tree in the garden. (i'll get a photo of them). my father tied up the clematis.
interesting, warm people wandered in the door. one couple driving from brooklyn, ny to toronto happened to stumble across my little shop. they weren't spending any time in kingston, had just come off the highway and driven into our neighborhood (that is, incidentally, nowhere near the highway) and saw the quilt sign. it felt like a movie....a series of events that doesn't seem real. the sound of her thick brooklyn accent, her husband's non-stop jokes in the background. the evening sun drenching our little room of fancies. it was delightful. sadly, she was looking for a baby girl quilt (which is my hottest item, my bread and butter, really) and i had none to show her. but throughout the day i got 8 stroller quilts quilted.
today, the heat is murderous at 8 am. edgar and i went walking at 7.30. and coming back into our shaded yard was a happy respite. and now, i'll head over to my little garden studio and start the day


  1. I think it would be very interesting and entertaining to meet people who drop in and visit your shop. I'm just sorry you didn't have one of your fabulous quilts available to sell them.

    That is one gorgeous fleur in your photo. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. I love these pictures you paint for us of your studio. It sounds so warm and charming. What a productive day you had! The heat has been strong and early this year, and you are even father north than I am. I hope it's not this way all summer.

  3. my dear, your life is lovely

  4. that a beautiful photo. your home is beautiful!!