Thursday, June 14, 2012

in the late of afternoon and the early evening, my little gallery has west light pouring in. and all during the day there is a perfect steady light saturation. it feels good. it's a room to sit and gather ones ideas. to look at little detailed bursts of art. to sit with all that feels right.
i'll have a little splash of quiet this morning to wake up. some tea. a shower. and then on with the day.
this afternoon the little white house will bustle with energy and a happy summer beauty. tracy and i are welcoming jess koehn and her beautiful paper and felt lovelies. and tracy has new pieces to hang that i haven't yet seen, so i'm excited.
come explore the little white house at 55 mowat ave. in portsmouth village. from 1 - 9 today. thursday, june 14th.


  1. What a clear lovely space--gorgeous floors!

  2. I love the first image with the light streaming in, it's a great capture. Your artwork is wonderful and from what I can see my favorites are the paintings in image 2! :)

  3. thank you!!!!.....and now i'm off to sell some art and everything else.....

  4. It looks so lovely dear Annette : )