Tuesday, June 5, 2012

early morning and trying to find the focus. i've had my head in work all weekend. not the smooth rhythm that i usually find. but the busy work, planning, running around of making things. it's been fractured and frantic. maybe it's because i've been working at home instead of the studio. it seems my studio does half the work for me. the air is different. it walks me through all the steps. takes my hand and walks me through. the stillness is there. along with the vitality. everything i need is piled somewhere. and the energy. and the peace. the sun is here now. and the energy is about to shift. i'll walk edgar and find a new rhythm for today.
i had a little give away here the other day. jen from country weekend, kris from la reportiste and karin will each be receiving a magnet from chasing lightning bugs. would you each email your mailing address to me. annette@chasinglightningbugs.com


  1. Dear Annette--that's wonderful! I am so excited to receive a magnet! Thank you!!!

    I know that fractured feeling all too well--struggle with it constantly. Hope you had a good day.

  2. Our surroundings can have such a big impact on our mood. You seem to have found the ideal space in your studio

  3. I love that expression - "Find a new rhythm for today" - an adjustment in vibrational tone that can very often make or break us.... I'm inspired - thank you... XX