Thursday, June 21, 2012

poor tom.....awakened at 6 this morning by my screams. curses and terror. as floyd pranced in the kitchen door with something huge and black in his mouth. and the look of murderous pride in his eyes. i shrieked. and i heard tom leap out of bed in the room above me. it was a bird. a pretty big starling, i think. floyd dropped it. tom threw him outside and covered the bird with a towel. the bird was alive and terrified. although it didn't move a bit so we wondered if it was dead. but when tom took him out, he flew. floyd is in the house now and the door is closed. and my throat hurts a little from my screaming.
edgar and i walked along the lake before the heat slams us today. there was a slight breeze off the water. the sounds of morning. the humid mist. now to the studio for a shower and a day in the fabric.


  1. I love being a capable woman and all but that thud of your man jumping out of bed to help feels pretty good too! I hope the rest of your day is a little more peaceful.

    1. it sure is a good sound. i tell tom all the time that if i didn't have him, i couldn't have cats, for i cannot manage their needless killing!

  2. My goodness! I probably would have done more than shriek! Glad to hear that Tom leaped to your defense...your knight in shining armour! Why do you suppose that cats do that?

    Nothing like a good yell to get your day started! HA

    Btw: I can just see you in the midst of fabric flying all around you!

  3. haha, sorry, still laughing. I would have screamed too. Lou once brought me a spider (the joys of having house cats) and dropped it on the bed when I was still half asleep. the neighbours probably still remember...