Sunday, June 24, 2012

stella is the cat who quietly demands to be near me. she is the only one of our cats who sleeps with us and i usually wake with her curled into my arms, tucked against my chest. she started sleeping with us to begin with because she would do the same thing to edgar...curl herself around his legs and he would then be afraid to move and he would wake me in the night to come and move her. she has an intensity about her that usually photographs looking like a grumpy face. but i love that this photo captured the meaningful look she always gives me. she is, without question, my favorite cat.


  1. Aw, how could you not love that face! She must feel extremely close to you to sleep with you. I once had a bluepoint siamese cat that would sleep with me. I would awake with him around my neck like a scarf. I often wondered why he chose to sleep around my neck?

    Have a lovely Sunday! :)

  2. maybe it's an instinctual thing to be close to a heartbeat. because stella is always curled at my chest. and yours was on your neck....both strong heartbeat spots. i wonder....

  3. she is beautiful. and how nice that Edgar is so gentle with her :)