Saturday, June 9, 2012

it's an overcast morning. but the air is gentle and warm. there is a little rain and the scent of flowers on the path to the studio. tom and i wandered over in our pyjamas. i was cleaning the mason jars out of the bathtub (that's where i've been storing them).....but i may be getting ahead of my story....
last night became complicated. i had been having a hard day with edgar, so in the late afternoon we went to the vet for an ultrasound of his bladder. as always, our wonderful vets treated us like family, stayed late and brought him right in without an appointment. and now he's on antibiotics and medicam for a pretty nasty infection. on our return home when we were getting him settled, we found our tankless water heater spraying water all over the basement....probably irrepairable, leaving us with no hot water at the start of the weekend. our neighbor helped us out, hoping he could fix it easily, but it may be past repairing. i don't like talking about our day to day troubles here, but last night i was pretty discouraged and anxious.
and then this morning, as we wandered over to the studio, barefoot in the misty, sweet-smelling air, carrying towel and shampoo and soap, we giggled that it was like we were kids at camp....walking from the bunkhouse to the bathhouse...realizing how lucky we are to have the option to shower at the little white house that i call my studio.
it's going to be another good day!


  1. oh! poor Edgar...sending all good thoughts his way!

  2. I think it's ok to talk about day to day troubles. nobody's life is perfect, and sometimes talking about the bad stuff helps.

    I hope Edgar is feeling better soon xx

  3. Poor dear Edgar and you with your house calamities! So glad you came through it in good humor. Love the image of you guys in your pj's like little kids!