Friday, June 8, 2012

early morning walk. before the heat hits. the grass in the park freshly cut. like our own lawn that tom cut yesterday. the softest breeze off the lake. edgar isn't feeling well.....walking gingerly with sadness in his eyes. he's so sensitive to not having enough water. maybe it's some urinary tract trouble. i'll keep an eye on him today.
my day in the studio yesterday was wonderful. seeing people i haven't seen in years. seeing the people i love to see everyday. and then seeing the people i don't see enough. it was a perfect day. i primped the space, making it bright and fresh and pretty. and the energy from all the nice comments from the lovely women who read my blog and visit through cyberspace...i felt that energy too. so thank you.
the scent of grass is floating in the window. i'm going to wander up to buy a coffee and muffin. and then get sewing. i cut out little girls dresses yesterday. and a pile of totes. i'll sew on the porch.


  1. There's nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass, fresh air and a cup of coffee to start your day most of which are free with the exception of the coffee. HA

    It's true what they say...the best things in life are free!

  2. We are both on the other side of the Atlantic. its 6pm here..
    Nothing better than to wake to the smell of freshly cut grass and the thought of a hot coffee with a bun early morning.
    I hope that Edgar gets better soon.
    How wonderful to see old faces and new faces in your little white house.. happy weekend Anette.

  3. the scent of grass is my favourite thing at the moment. I hadn't even noticed that you can't smell it in the city, at least not the same way. I'm going to miss it!