Saturday, June 16, 2012

i'm up too early. i'll need a nap today, i can already feel it. but i love the day when it's young. the air is clear and a little cool. the birds are busy. and i'm busy in my own groggy way. i swept the porch while edgar wandered around the garden, sniffing for intruders. i'm making coffee and having a bit of breakfast.
this afternoon we are off to toronto to see radiohead. we love our summer roadtrips for concerts, although i am always loathe to leave my little home. it's a gorgeous weekend and we'll be home to sleep in our own bed tonight and have an easy and delightful father's day it's all good.
this oriole is in our yard, filling it with song and colour. i didn't do a thing to these photos......straight from the brightening. just a naturally gorgeous bird. we have cardinals and bluejays and goldfinch in our yard as well. it's a colourful little bird sanctuary in our yard, despite all the cats.


  1. beautiful bird!!

  2. I love the photo of the Oriole bird.. isn't it just beautiful.
    I am glad its your photo Annette. Nice when we get the chance to show off our own photography.
    Enjoy your trip and "radiohead"..
    happy weekend

  3. Radiohead! How exciting! I envy you.
    I like the early morning also. This is a new phenomena for me since I've always been a late night person, but everything is so fresh on a summer morning.