Sunday, June 10, 2012

this morning i noticed the back of our yard is filled with wild strawberries. over the years in parts of our yard, the grass has turned to a lovely strawberry patch for the squirrels. and this morning it's dotted red with tiny berries.
i had my shower across the yard at the studio early. walking through the yard with wet hair hanging down my back like when i was a child. after my bath and before bed, when i was little, i had to have one last tour through the grass during summer.
telulah just stuck her nose in my anastasia tea. it's still too hot for me to drink comfortably, but i think she's ok. and it appears that edgar is feeling much better already.....he has been demanding food and water and seems really energetic.
and last night i was chased home from the neighbors by my first lightning bug of the season. he flew directly at me, which i loved. we walked home together. summer is now fully upon us!!!


  1. oh, I love wild strawberries. it'll be a few more weeks before they be red here and so I'm going to miss them. eat some for me, will you?


    1. if the squirrels leave me it your birthday today? happy birthday!!!!

  2. As a child, I grew up in the country where lightening bugs lit up our yard at night. It was so beautiful. We would run around at night playing tag and hide and seek until our parents would call us in to get our baths (we had to bath to remove the grass stain on the bottoms of our feet from not wearing any shoes ha). I loved going barefoot and did so until I was well in my 30's. But now, I couldn't run around barefoot if I tried...tender feet!

  3. I got a lovely whiff of the wild strawberries, which have manged to creep into our frontyard, the other evening just before the rain, that combined with the scent of lilacs drifting in through the front window told me that summer was here.

  4. Lightening bugs and starwberries, dew and fresh baths...reminds me of my childhood in the country. Lovely post.